Rick Quatro provides excellent video tutorials on how to master the complexities of Autonumbering
FrameMaker Autonumber Primer

Advanced Autonumber Concepts

Creating Live Transparency in PDFs via Framemaker

Tutorial on how to create PDFs with live transparency using all current versions of FrameMaker.

Resumé Formats

Lin Sims shares a .mif file containing a resumé template (you will need to unzip) that she adapted by melding two Framemaker templates. It uses rotated text for section headers, making it very distinctive.

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson’s .fm and .pdf resumé example is in Icelandic, but don’t let that stop you from making it your own. Eye-catching color with space for a photo make this resumé stay on top of the pile.

Not only will these files help you produce a good-looking resumé, you will learn how to modify a template created by someone else to fit your own needs.

Bleeding Edge Thumb Tabs

Bleeding Thumb Tabs by Brad Anderson

Lin Sims provides a zip file containing the Frame file, required fonts, and instructions for creating more-or-less automated edge tabs.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Special Characters

A list of keyboard shortcuts from Lin Sims (the .zip file contains both .fm and .pdf formats)

Long Headings in Running H/Fs

Klaus Daube shares his method for fitting very long headings into limited space in the layout for running titles.

Problems Working with Framemaker (Solved!)

Klaus Daube provides solutions to an extensive list of problems encountered when working in Framemaker at

Using Framemaker to Edit MIF Code

You can use Framemaker as a text editor to directly edit the MIF code generated when you MIF-wash a Framemaker document. See edit_mif_with_fm

Steve Rickaby's Article Series on Framemaker

Composite documents in FrameMaker
This article describes techniques for constructing documents built from other documents by combining conditional text and text insets.

First steps in structure
This series of articles is intended to provide FrameMaker users who are familiar with unstructured documents with an easy introduction to structured working in FrameMaker.

Locking down document design
This article provides basic instructions for creating a template in FrameMaker.

Mastering master pages 1
Mastering master pages 2
The first of these two articles provides a general overview of master pages and their various options and describes how master pages can be automatically applied. The second article describes how to use conditional, dynamic, and composite objects on master pages.

Pushing FrameMaker – a case study
The author describes a complex and challenging project using structured Framemaker to produce a technical book that you can have a look at via Amazon. See Java Actually: A Comprehensive Primer in Java Programming

Taking FrameMaker a little further
This article describes how to use FrameMaker’s indexing functionality in very long documents with repeating layouts. It also discusses other useful features, such as paragraph tag sequences, autonumbers, custom variables, and running headers, that make formatting long documents much easier.

Steve Rickaby
St Levan, Penzance United Kingdom
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