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List Rules:

1. Trim posts to include just a few lines of the post you are responding to so that readers understand the context of your message. Remember to change the Subject line, too.
2. Do not send attachments. Upload your photo or attachment to somewhere of your choice and then provide the link in your message to the list.
3. Avoid flaming, profanity, and offensive language.
4. Don’t use ALL CAPS — it feels like shouting and is annoying.
5. If an email offends you, wait and cool off before replying and then reply to the person privately rather than via the list.
6. Send messages such as “thanks for the information” and “me, too” to individuals – not to the entire list.

Excellent FrameMaker Support Web Sites

Klaus Daube

Klaus Daube

Rick Quatro

Rick Quatro


Shlomo Perets

If you know of a forum or group dedicated to helping FrameMaker users or a Web site that adds to the Framemaker body of knowledge, please share it with us.


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