Does a FrameMaker Reader/Viewer exist?

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There hasn't been a FrameViewer product for many years, dating back to the era of FrameMaker 5.5.6 or so. And Richard is correct. PDF became Adobe's final form file format for viewing content from any Adobe application via our free Adobe Reader.

            - Dov

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Anderson, Ben wrote:

> There used to be a product called FrameViewer that functioned much like Adobe

> Reader, but for Frame files (obviously).


> It was a LONG time ago when I used it (Frame v. 2 or 3).  Not sure if it, or a

> comparable product is still available.  You might contact Adobe and see.

I believe Alan is correct about FM 5.5.6, and I'm pretty sure FrameViewer was discontinued before FM 6 came out.

The "comparable product" ever since has been Acrobat/Adobe Reader. You can easily create a PDF of any FM document, complete with working links, and anyone can view it with the free Reader. So FrameViewer didn't seem to serve any useful purpose.

Richard G. Combs

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