Designing templates in FrameMaker (Part 1) « Technical Communication Suite: “Think of a FrameMaker template as the foundation of the structure and appearance of your documents. An analogy might be to consider the template as the house plan of the document – while you will construct the actual house later (that is, create the content that goes in the document), the layout and the appearance will be based on the house plan (that is, the settings that you have defined in the template). Here are a few examples of how you can use the template definitions in your document:

Define how your headings and body text will look like, using paragraph formats Set up character formats—for example to specify which bullets to use in a bulleted list or to define italics, underline, and so on Set up several table formats, which you can choose from when you author the content Store frequently used text (such as product name, book name and version, copyright information), which you can then insert anywhere in your document later Set up headers and footers. You can also use variables in headers and footers and have, for example, the most recent heading appear at the top of every page “


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